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English 'Witch Cottage'

There's a little witchcraft involved in the Geo Quiz this time: we're looking for a place in north-west England that's closely linked with witches.

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The association goes back to 1612 and a series of witch trials.

The accused were all men and women who lived near a flat topped, sandstone hill.

It looks out over the towns of Barley, Clitheroe, and the Forest of Bowland.

Today, this hill attracts tourists in search of broomsticks and black cats.

And historians in search of real clues about the 17th century events.

Now archaelogists say they've made a stunning discovery: a witch's cottage, including the skeleton of one, possibly black, cat.

They found all this in Pendle Hill, Lancashire, England. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from Simon Entwistle, a witch trial expert and local tour guide.