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Sneak peek at China's scary new drone


Sneak peek at China's new Wing Blade drone from Flightflobal aviation blog.



It hardly comes as a surprise, but China is moving full-force ahead with its drone technology.

Back in August, China debuted a surveillance drone the size of a pizza pan. It wasn't so much the drone itself or the level of technology it came equipped with (high-def camera) that caused eyebrows to raise.

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It was, rather, the signal that China had entered the race, and that the competition between countries to make more and more advanced drones was likely to reach new heights in the months to come.

Now, we've got some proof. Pictures are circulating in the aviation world of the Dragon's latest minion. Meet Wing Blade:

(Picture from Flightglobal)

Wing Blade and another drone called Crossbow signal that China has made serious progress in making stealth drones.

Both, according to Flightglobal blog, were designed by students at Shenyang University, which happens to be the home of one of China's three largest manufacturers of combat aircraft.

Flightglobal says:

The photo suggests [that China is] where US industry stood in the mid-to-late 1990s. Depending on the age of these projects, it may only be a few years before the first full-scale model appears over Shenyang or Chengdu.

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