Fruit-flavored yogurt drink laced with poison in China


Farmers pour away milk as the milk collection station has stopped buying milk on September 21, 2008 in Wuhan of Hubei Province, China.


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China's latest food scandal isn't a matter of carelessness or cutting corners to save costs.

Officials in Changchun, in northeast China, say a yogurt drink that killed one child and make several other people ill was deliberately laced with poison. The fruit-flavored dairy drink turned deadly when someone tampered with the product and added dangerous substances, officials said after testing the drinks.

The incident could be a new problem for Coca-Cola in China, owner of the company that made the beverages. Coca-Cola has dealt with past food safety claims in China, but told Bloomberg in a statement that tests show this case happened after production.

“Tests and reviews indicate our products are safe and within standards, and reaffirm the incident is not related to the quality of our products,” the company said. “We are 100 percent confident in the safety and quality of our products.”