France withdraws embassy staff from Iran


Hundreds of Iranian demonstrators protest outside the French embassy in Tehran on June 28, 2010.



France is withdrawing some of its staff from its embassy in Iran in response to the recent attack on the British embassy in Tehran, a French official said today, according to BBC News.

The French official wouldn’t specify how many of the 20 to 30 French citizens who work at the embassy are being sent home, but said France’s embassy will remain open, the Guardian reported. The French Lycee, or high school, in Tehran will also remain open, the official said, according to Fox News.

Hundreds of Iranians stormed the British embassy in Tehran on Nov. 29, shouting “death to England” and destroying the property.

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Following the attack, Britain shut down its embassy in Iran. On Nov. 30, Britain expelled 25 Iranian diplomats from the UK, the BBC reported.

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Earlier this week, France announced it was recalling its ambassador from Iran for consultations, Fox News reported. Germany, Italy and the Netherlands have also recalled their envoys from Iran, the BBC reported.

According to Fox News:

The embassy attack has helped fuel support for additional sanctions on the Iranian government over its nuclear program. The U.S. and Western allies including Britain suspect Iran is trying to build a weapons program, but Tehran says it is only interested in nuclear energy.