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Underwater Volcano in Spain

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The Geo Quiz takes us to a chain of islands in the Atlantic. The Canary Islands lie of the off the west coast of Africa.

They've been a popular way-station for many centuries. Today, they are a part of Spain, and a big tourist destination.

People go for the warmth, the beaches, to check out the volcanos. Most of them are dormant.

The largest of the seven islands is called Tenerife but we're looking for the name of a different Canary island. The smallest and southern-most island.

It's also the one where an underwater volcano is erupting offshore — right now!

The answer is El Hierro, where an underwater volcano is currently erupting three miles offshore but it's close enough to be disrupting the El Hierro way of life. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out more from volcanologist Jo Gottsmann (University of Bristol, UK) and journalist Barbara Belt who's on the nearby island of Tenerife.

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