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VIDEO: "Virgin Diaries" kiss a YouTube hit before show starts screening


The kiss — lips, tongue, teeth and all.

An awkward virgin kiss — part of a promotional video for a new reality TV show, "Virgin Diaries," has become a hit before the show has screened.

The cringeworthy clip, featuring a young couple sharing their first teeth-gnashing kiss on their wedding day, has attracted more than 1.5 million hits in less than three days on YouTube.

We'll save you the effort of searching for it:

According to, the couple featured in the video — Ryan, 31, and Shanna, 27 — made a religious choice to save their first kiss — along with their virginity — until their wedding day.

Shanna had kissed other people before Ryan; Ryan had not. That fact becomes sweetly apparent when Ryan lifts up his bride’s veil, plants his lips on hers, and sucks vigorously away.

At one point in the video a man — thought to be the father of the bride — has to look away while others stare, stunned.

The hour-long special, due to screen in the UK and US on Sunday, focuses on six adults are still all virgins, whether it's "by choice or by chance," the network reportedly said in a statement. 

"Losing one’s virginity is a big life decision," TLC’s west coast vice president of production, Timothy Kuryak, told ABC News. “It seemed like one of those seminal life moments that’s interesting to follow for TLC.”

According to the Daily mail:

The show's applaudably candid stars have chosen to abstain from sex because of religion or lifestyle - or have simply found themselves celibate not out of choice.

Other shows carried by TLC, a Maryland-based network, include the controversial "Toddlers and Tiaras," "Sarah Palin's Alaska," "Sister Wives," "Jon and Kate Plus 8," "The Duggars" and "A Conception Story."