The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party is expected to win a decisive majority of seats in Parliament in Egypt's first democratic elections since Hosni Mubarak was forced out of power. The mainstream Islamist group claimed about 40 percent of the vote. But the ultraconservative Salafi party is expected to win around 25 percent, giving Islamist groups control of roughly 65 percent of Parliament. Liberal parties, which touched off the revolution, were too disorganized and divided to make a strong showing at the polls.   Noel King, Cairo-based freelance journalist, reports on the latest developments from the elections. Yousef Sidhom, chief editor of Watani, the Coptic Christian newspaper, discusses how Copts are reacting to the election results. Michael Wahid Hanna, Egyptian-born researcher and fellow at the Century Foundation, talks about what the new Parliament will look like.