Costa Rica unveils John Lennon statue



Timothy A. Clary

Costa Rica now has its very own John Lennon.

A statue of the Beatles star sits in a plaza in San Jose, reports the Tico Times. Designed by Cuban sculptor Jose Ramón Villa, the statue is titled "Imagine all the people living life in peace." It was unveiled on Friday.

“It’s been said a million times that a city without culture doesn’t have a soul,” said San Jose Mayor Johnny Araya. “We’re working to attract tourists to more than volcanoes and beaches but also to our capital. Now people can come here to have their photo taken with John Lennon whose message of peace identifies with our country.”

Some people questioned why Costa Rica should build a statue that didn't replicate a Costa Rican and that wasn't designed by a local artist.

But that didn't stop hundreds of Ticos and tourists from climbing all over the statue this weekend, reports the Tico Times, as their parents smiled and flashed peace signs.

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