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Sri Lanka Opens First Highway

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We're on the road for the Geo Quiz, and the road we're on is in Sri Lanka.

It's the country's first-ever highway. It runs north-to-south, connecting two cities 75 miles apart.

One is Sri Lanka's capital, the other is it's southern seaport.

The four-lane highway cuts travel time.

That's good news for merchants moving their truckloads of cinnamon, coconut, tea and rubber, to and from the capital.

Can you name the two cities this $ 700 million highway connects?

The answers are the Sri Lankan cities of Colombo and Galle. The BBC's Charles Haviland tells anchor Lisa Mullins about his first drive on the new Sri Lankan E01 Expressway.

  • New Sri Lanka Highway (Photo: BBC)

  • Sri Lanka's new highway (Photo: BBC)

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