An Indonesian policeman stands guard in a Bali prison in 2010.

Here's a tough-on-corruption stance: force unscrupulous officials into cages with their offenses listed on a nearby placard.

Then let visitors tour the human "zoo" and gawk.

According to the Jakarta Globe, Indonesia's Constitutional Court Chief Mahfud MD has suggested just that. 

Such as zoo is "better than asking students to see animals every semester or holiday," he said, according to the Globe, adding that corrupt officials "are all animals anyway."

Depending on how much cash you've got to throw around, Indonesian prisons are either hell or the Hilton. Throughout the last year, the Indonesian media has reported on pirate gangs, terror cells and a convicted taxman allowed to slip out for a weekend in Bali. All are inmates.

The same court chief has also encouraged wiretapping judges, according to the Jakarta Post.

Oh, and he may run for president in 2014.

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