Paralympic Cyclist Walks Again


Monique Van der Vorst (Photo:

We're cycling to Europe for the Geo Quiz: The country we're searching for is generally a good place to cycle.

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It's mostly flat, though there are a few low hills in the south and east.

And the country is in the northwest of Europe, so the North Sea keeps the climate mild and the summers cool.

The country we are looking for is the Netherlands.

It is the home of cyclist Monique Van der Vorst who won two silver medals at the Paralympic Games in Beijing in 2008 — in hand cycling.

At that time, she was paralyzed from the hip down.

Now, she can not only walk again and she can cycle, with her legs.

Her dream is to represent her country again — in the 2016 Olympics.

Marco Werman talks with Monique Van der Vorst about her Olympic dreams.