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Pakistani woman suspected of killing and cooking her husband

Karachi police suspect that Zainab Bibi stabbed her husband to death, chopped him into pieces and attempted to cook him to get rid of the evidence, reported CNN.

BBC News reported that Bibi's nephew, Zaheer, was also detained in connection with the murder. 

According to the Washington Post, Bibi, 41, and her nephew allegedly mixed sleeping pills in her husband's tea, strangled him with a rope, then cut him up into pieces and attempted to boil his flesh.

Bibi told police in Karachi that she had a motive behind the crime: her husband allegedly raped her 17-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, reported the UK Press Association.

The Business Recorder reported that Bibi's daughter had gone missing two days before the crime, and remains missing.

Back in April, two men in Pakistan were accused of making a meal of a corpse they stole from grave, reported BBC News in an earlier article.

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