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Young Irish App Developer

If the holiday today has you in a post-turkey tryptophan stupor, or stuck at an airport, maybe you have time to play a little PizzaBot.

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It's one of the newest apps that you can play on your Apple device.

PizzaBot joins the ranks of thousands of other games with names like Angy Birds, Free Cell, and Bubble Shooter.

And for our Geo Quiz,we're asking where did this new app come from?

It is in fact an Irish creation.

It comes from Ireland's south west corner, a place with almost 700 miles of coastline looking out on the Celtic Sea.

This is Ireland's largest county, it borders Kerry and Limerick and Waterford.

Can you name this county that's known for farms, heathland and bogs — and now bots?

The answer is County Cork. It's home to Harry Moran, one of world's youngest app developers. The 12-year old programmer tells anchor Marco Werman about his popular new app called PizzaBot.