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Victims step forward in botched buttocks case

In Florida, women have begun coming forward as alleged victims claiming they suffered from life-threatening injuries from a buttocks-enhancement procedure, the Miami Herald reported.

These women are reportedly claiming that the procedure, performed by Oneal Ron Morris, was tainted with a slew of toxic substances, such as a near-lethal formula of cement, mineral oil and Super Glue. Morris, 30, has been arrested on charges of practicing health care without a license and causing serious bodily injury, the Miami Herald reported.

Morris allegedly injected her patients with these substances through a tube hooked to a cooler. She was allegedly paid $700 for the procedure.

"Initial laboratory analysis conducted by medical personnel determined the foreign substances injected into the victim consisted of a host of household and automotive products including super glue, mineral oil and "Fix-a-Flat" (a tire repair material)," Jennifer Hirst, deputy press secretary of Florida's Department of Health said, Reuters reported.

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The first victim to report bodily injuries from the procedure sparked national and international attention and led to other alleged victims coming forward, Reuters reported. The initial victim was not named and there were no additional details about later victims.

The first victim to speak out against Morris had the procedure done in order to land a job at a nightclub, the Miami Herald reported. Soon after the surgery she became ill with pneumonia-like symptoms and painful welts, along with permanent scarring around the injection sites. She needed numerous transfusions, the Miami Herald reported.

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Morris reportedly performed the same procedure on herself, which a photo taken by Miami Gardens police shows her enlarged hips expanding far from her body, the Miami Herald reported. She has been previous arrested for using fake identification and driver’s licenses, written bad checks, and theft in three Florida counties.

The phony surgeon was released from jail on a bond and authorities believe she may be part of an underground plastic surgery ring in South Florida, the Associated Press reported. Additional arrests related to the crime may be possible health officials told the AP, but won’t elaborate since it is an ongoing investigation.