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Civilians bear brunt of latest Somali fighting


A woman crouches beside another person who was severely injured by a road side bomb in Mogadishu on Aug. 3, 2008.


Mustafa Abdi

A roadside bomb killed at least 11 people in the capital Mogadishu, while an air strike on a town in the west of the country killed at least three.

The improvised explosive device exploded in Medina, a neighbourhood in Mogadishu considered one of the safest in the city. The blast targeted an area where government officials, soldiers and African Union peacekeepers regularly pass, but the only casualties were civilian passersby.

No group has claimed responsibility, but of the various fighting forces in Somalia, the Islamist insurgents of the Shabaab are the only ones to have used roadside bombs.

Separately, in the southern town of Yaqle an air raid by jet fighters killed at least three civilians close to a watering point, according to witnesses.

Yaqle is in Gedo region close to the Kenyan border, and Kenya’s military has admitted using its air force to support its invasion last month in pursuit of the Shabaab.

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