A peaceful rally turned violent in Cairo's Tahrir Square Saturday between police and protesters and has dragged on to its fifth day, with more than 30 reported deaths and 1700 injuries as of Wednesday.

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The clashes comes right before the country has its first elections since former President Hosni Mubarak was removed from office in February. 

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in what was to be a peaceful rally in Cairo and Alexandria Friday. They demanded the military – which helped the opposition despose Mubarak from power – to hand over power so the country can establish a citizen-formed government.

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GlobalPost correspondents Jon Jensen and Erin Cunningham have been reporting live via Twitter since the clashes broke out. A live feed of their reporting is available below, as well as others reporting from Tahrir Square.

GlobalPost's coverage highlights of the Tahrir Square riots are also available via part I,  part II and part III.

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