START TIME: 6:40 BISHOP INTERVIEW SYRIA REPORT SYRIA INTERVIEW MUSIC: SONG: Ciew Mawele (Adham Shaikh's Dusty Foot Remix) ARTIST: Issa Bagayogo CD TITLE: Issa Remixed CD LABEL: Six Degrees END TIME: 19:25 MUSIC: SONG: Cheney Lane ARTIST: Nostalgia 77 CD TITLE: The Garden CD LABEL: Ubiquity START TIME: 21:00 SPAIN REPORT KOREA REPORT MUSIC: SONG: Sweet Rain (Fila Brazilia Mix) ARTIST: Euphoria CD TITLE: Traveler '01: A Six Degree Collection CD LABEL: Six Degrees END TIME: 29:29 MUSIC: SONG: Les Aleas de L'Hiver ARTIST: Gordon Sanchez CD TITLE: Putumayo Presents: Acoustic France CD LABEL: Putumayo World Music CD#: PUT 281-2 START TIME: 33:10 US CHINA CULTRE INTERVIEW GEO QUIZ SONG: Djaraby ARTISTS: Toubab Krewe CD TITLE: Toubab Kewe CD LABEL: Upstream Records GEO ANSWER (HAVANA) BLETCHLEY PARK INTERVIEW MUSIC: SONG: Intro to Jellyfish ARTIST: Kerekes Band CD TITLE: Fel A Kalappal CD LABEL: Kerekes Band CD #: KB02 END TIME: 48:45 MUSIC: SONG: Tenere ARTIST: Bombino CD TITLE: Agadez CD LABEL: Cumbancha Discovery CD #: CMB — CD — 20 START TIME: 50:00 BANNED WORDS REPORT GLOBAL HIT END TIME: 58:14

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