Movember participants (Photo: Rahul Joglekar)

Around a wooden table at the Windsor Castle Pub in London some stories were being exchanged. Free grooming tips for that perfect moustache. Martin foster is an accountant and he listens very carefully. "You shave on the first of November and reconvene on the 30th and see how you're doing really," he said. His moustache is just a few days old. He grew it for Movember. "This is my first time, Foster said. My face may not be pre-disposed to it, but I'll give it a go. It is for prostate cancer charity basically." Movember began in Australia just a few years ago. Now it's a worldwide trend. In the UK, the numbers have almost doubled this year. There are more than 200,000 men taking part this year. The men growing a 'tache call themselves Mo-bros. London's Handle Bar Club is a group of men with the most flamboyant moustaches My moustache is a full bushy dark brown moustache, said Handle Bar Club member Steve Parsons. I unfurled it the other day and its 20 centimeters in wingspan which is about eight inches in old money." Club members help neophytes with the fine art of growing and grooming moustaches. Bertie Young, an artist, is a member of the club. He says he is helping Mo-bros get back in touch with their roots. "I think it is harping back to this British Empire — conquering the world, generals with their big moustaches, Young said. You know, a man with a moustache looks like he can lead people into battle. He looks like he can do the job that you give him. I think that's important about having a moustache." But there are other practical considerations as well. Kate Harrison's boyfriend sports a moustache. "It is really soft, it's like a cushion when you kiss somebody, she said. The only downside as a girlfriend, is that when we go out there are crazy women who want to take their photograph with him, touch him, maul him, stroke him." For some, moustache season will end in November, but for Handle Bar club members, moustaches are forever.

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