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Pamela Anderson to play Virgin Mary in Canadian TV Christmas special


Away in a manger? Canadian sexpot Pamela Anderson will play the Virgin Mary in an upcoming Christmas special on CTV.


Angela Weiss/WireImage

Pamela Anderson will play the Virgin Mary in an upcoming Canadian television Christmas special.

Anderson, a "fading Canadian sexpot" best known for her red bathing suit role in Baywatch, as well as her sex tapes, will play Jesus's virgin mother on CTV's A Russell Peters Christmas Special, "a development that’s busted out all over the U.S. and international media but been strangely ignored" in Canada, the Toronto Globe and Mail reported.

Peters, a Canadian comedian, "puts his own irreverent twist on the Christmas special," CTV said in a statement, according to BANG Showbiz.

The Globe and Mail, in typical Canadian style of being fascinated with media interest in Canada, chronicled international press reaction to Anderson's new role:

“Pammy’s a Born-Again Virgin” was the cheeky headline of Australia’s Herald Sun. “Pamela Anderson in the role she was born to play: The Virgin Mary,” wrote the Washington Post in its blog.

“It’s a Miracle, Pammy’s the Virgin Mary,” shrieked London’s Daily Star, whose lead was “It’s Praywatch as Pamela Anderson prepares for her most out-of-character role yet — the Virgin Mary.”

Anderson was the star of not one but two leaked sex tapes involving heavy metal music stars, one with ex-husband Tommy Lee, the drummer for Motley Crue, and the other with Bret Michaels from Poison. She was also married to Kid Rock, and has posed for Playboy on several occasions.

The Christmas special will air December 1 on CTV, and December 10 on the Comedy Network in Canada.

Canadian crooner Michael Buble will also appear in the show, intended to be a lighthearted take on the nativity story. 

Anderson told BANG Showbiz:

"My agent came to me and just said, 'This is something you probably don't want to do but how about pantomime?'... He told me that it was funny and light-hearted and I thought it would be perfect because it's funny that I'm on stage at all!

"I have two homes in Malibu and I just love pouring my heart out in pantomime. I feel that this is where I should be headed, more so than wearing bikinis."

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