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Shabaab slams Kenya-Israel pact

As predicted, Somalia’s Al Shabaab militants have used the signing of an anti-terror agreement between Kenya and Israel to cast the recent invasion of Somalia by Kenyan troops as an attack on all Muslims.

Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage said the visit to Israel by Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga was to cement a plot aimed at “destroying Muslim people and their religion.”

He reiterated earlier threats to wreak terrorist havoc on Kenya saying that “things have not begun in earnest” and warned Kenya’s army to withdraw before it was too late.

Soon after Rage’s words were broadcoast on local radio in Somalia, there was another bomb attack in the Dadaab complex of refugee camps in northeast Kenya. The bomb blew up a police vehicle at the head of a UN convoy injuring four people.

Aid agencies in Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp, have also reported a cholera outbreak that has already affected at least 60 people and may spread quickly through the hundreds of thousands of refugees who live in cramped and unhygienic squalor.