Herman Cain thinks Cuban is a language


US Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain gives the thumbs up after addressing the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit in Washington on October 7, 2011.



Oh Herman Cain. In the latest gaffe by the Republican presidential candidate, Cain manages to make up a whole new language.

Cain stopped at Cafe Versailles for a snack Wednesday while on a campaign visit to Miami's Little Havana neighborhood, according to Business Insider. Cain sampled some Cuban coffee and a deep-fried snack called a croqueta, USA Today reported.

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A reporter at the campaign stop then asked Cain what he thought of the Cuban snack. The presidential candidate turned to the man next to him and said, "How do you say delicious in Cuban?"

The man, apparently not offended that Cain confused Cuban with Spanish, replied in Spanish: "Delicioso."

The gaffe comes during a bad week for Cain. He came under attack Monday after calling the majority of Muslims in America extremist. And then on Tuesday,  Cain was criticized for his response to questions on Libya.