VIDEO: Syrians take to streets to protest Arab League suspension


Thousands of Syrians took to the streets in support of the Syrian regime. But, when anti-regime elements tried to protest, they were beaten and attacked by police.

On the heels of an Arab League decision to suspend Syria's membership in the organization, Syrian loyalists took to the streets to protest regional governments.

Over the weekend, protesters attacked the embassies of Turkey, Saudi Arabi and France, among others, expressing their strong support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The Arab League voted to suspend Syria unless it agreed to stop attacking protesters and removed tanks and troops from the street. So far, Syria has shown no signs of complying with the Arab League's directive.

In fact, when anti-Assad protesters tried to stage a counter-protest, they were attacked by police.

The Arab League has insisted it is serious about its plan to suspend Syria.