Francisco Blake, Mexico interior minister, killed in helicopter crash


Mexico's former Interior Minister Jose Francisco Blake is seen at the Los Pinos Residence in Mexico City, on July 14, 2010.



Mexico's interior minister, Francisco Blake Mora, died in a helicopter crash Friday along with seven others, according to reports citing the Mexican government.

Blake Mora was the country's second highest ranking official and in charge of the government's fight against drug cartels, the Associated Press reported. More than 45,000 people have been killed in Mexico over the past five years as the government battles a drug war.

"Unfortunately the interior secretary, his collaborators and the helicopter crew were found dead," government spokeswoman Alejandra Sota said in a statement, AFP reported.

Bad weather conditions were likely to blame for the accident, President Felipe Calderon said, as reported by BBC.

Blake Mora was traveling between Mexico City and the state of Morelos when the helicopter went down in south of Mexico City, Reuters reported.

The news of the death led to Mexico's peso weakening to 13.42 pesos per dollar, it stated.