Earthquake hits eastern Turkey province devastated in recent quake (VIDEO)


Homeless survivors of the major earthquake of 7.2 magnitude, which hit the eastern Turkish province of Van on October 23, discuss outside a Red Crescent tent in Ercis on October 27, 2011.


Adem Altan

A 5.7-magnitude has reportedly leveled two hotels in eastern Turkey, in the same region devastated two weeks ago by a 7.2-magnitude quake that killed around 600 people.

CNN was reporting late Wednesday that at least three people had died and 50 more remained buried under rubble.

The quake, which hit Wednesday in eastern Van province, brought down a six-story hotel, a second hotel and other buildings in the provincial capital that had been damaged in the earlier quake, MSNBC reported, citing State-run TRT TV.

One hotel was being used by journalists and aid workers covering that earlier quake, The Associated Press reported, citing Sky Turk television. People were reportedly trapped in the hotel.

About 1,400 aftershocks have rocked the region since the magnitude-7.2 earthquake hit the province on Oct. 23. Many residents had been living in tents, despite the cold, too afraid to return to their homes. At least 2,000 buildings were destroyed in the stronger temblor and authorities declared another 3,700 buildings unfit for habitation.