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Prostitutes and peacocks found in Mexican jail




In Mexico authorities say they found 19 prostitutes, two sacks of marijuana, two peacocks and 100 fighting cocks during a surprise inspection in a prison.

A hundred plasma televisions, knives and alcohol were also reportedly among the find. Plus six female inmates were discovered living in the men’s section.

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The discovery in the prison in the resort city of Acapulco came as police prepared to transfer the inmates to a maximum security facility, the BBC reported.

The spokesman for Guerrero state, Arturo Martinez, says federal and state police had searched the prison before sunrise on Monday.

He said he was unaware of how the women, birds and other contraband wound up in the prison, the Huffington Post reported – adding that Mexican jails are notorious for corruption and overcrowding.

The Acapulco prison was among five prisons in Guerrero state whose conditions were criticised by an inspector from the State Commission for the Defence of Human Rights, the BBC reported.

The inspector, Hipolito Lugo Cortes, said the inmates had established their own prison law, with little interference by the authorities.