Tibetan exile in India self-immolates outside Chinese embassy


A protester, identified as Sherab Tsedor, screams as he is dragged away by Indian police moments after he tried to set himself on fire in front of the Chinese embassy in New Delhi on November 4, 2011.


Roberto Schmidt

A Tiben exile, Sherab Tsedor, is recovering after he set himself on fire in front of the Chinese embassy in New Delhi. His attempt is the latest in a series of self-immolation protest against China's policy in Tibet, reports Voice of America.

Tsedor, 25, posted a message on Facebook on Friday stating his intent to immolate himself in front of the Chinese embassy. He intended to join the 11 Tibetans who have died in protest recently.

"We are dying," he wrote in his Facebook note, "and it is [the moral responsibility of every freedom loving people to support us."

Indian police doused the flames on Tsedor's body after he set himself ablaze.

The focus of these recent protest suicides has been on Tibetan monastery, which has been isolated by Chinese forces since March following a protest self-immolation by a monk there. According to Tibetans at the monastery, monks are forced by Chinese forces to undergo "patriotic re-education" which undermines their religious teaching.

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Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei said Friday that Beijing views the suicides as immoral.

According to Voice of America:

He says except for a few cults and extremist faiths, all of the world's religions maintain full respect for life and oppose violence. They condemn self immolation, he says, not play it up and then incite others to follow their example.  To do so, says Hong, challenges the common conscience and moral bottom line of humanity.

Meeting with a visiting member of the 17th communist part of the China in Dharamshala, the president of the Tibetan Women's Association, Dolkar Lhamo Kirti, attempted to hand over a petition urging the Chinese leadership to "end the repressing in Tibet that has caused the self-immolations inside Tibet."