VIDEO: Airplane from U.S. makes belly landing in Poland after landing gear fails


A LOT airlines Boeing 767 landed in Warsaw on its belly Tuesday because the main landing gear would not deploy. (Photo from ABCau video.)

A Polish pilot was praised for his skills Wednesday after successfully landing his Boeing 767 in Warsaw, Poland — with no landing gear.

The jet, which was inbound from Newark, N.J., was unable to drop its landing gear. After circling the city, dumping fuel and trying to get the gear down, the pilot made the decision to land the plane on its belly.

The entire operation was captured on video, which showed the plane coming in very slowly and keeping the nose up, in order to keep the plane from spinning off the runway.

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The plane was met by emergency crews, but no serious injuries were reported.

"The captain just put the plane down masterfully, to the extent the passengers thought we landed on wheels," said one passenger, after disembarking.

Boeing engineers were en route to Poland to aid in the investigation.