Occupy Seattle protestors are planning to confront JP Morgan Chase's CEO during his visit


JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO James Dimon.



SEATTLE – Occupy Wall Street protesters will continue their efforts against big banks this week with Occupy Seattle protesters planning to confront the JP Morgan Chase CEO during his visit.

CEO James Dimon will be visiting Wednesday to attend the University of Washington’s “Business Leadership Celebration,” and protesters plan to rally at 6 p.m. near the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle, where the event will occur.

The Occupy Wall Street movement backed a nationwide boycott against banks in October that calls for its members to transfer all funds from banks into credit unions. The event called "Bank Transfer Day" is set for November 5.

Occupy Seattle says about Dimon: Dimon’s brand of leadership is about lobbying and lending practices that make things harder for the bottom 99%. But he himself profits handsomely — Dimon was paid more than $20 million last year, making him the number 1 highest-paid banker in the country. His income not only puts him in the top 1% — he’s in the top 1% of the top 1%.

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Occupy Seattle created a buzz last month when they relocated to a Seattle college campus despite being told in an open letter that they were not welcome to camp on school property.

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OWS protesters voted October 24 to move locations to Seattle Central Community College, but the school said making their property a campsite is "prohibited to all individuals and groups." SCCC has cited potential injuries, damages and disruption to campus activities as reasons for barring the protesters.

The protests have cost the city more than $100,000 in police and administrative overtime, The Seattle Times reports