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Steve Jobs' last words revealed


A screenshot of the Apple website home page on Oct. 5, 2011.

Steve Jobs' last words were revealed by his biological sister in her eulogy printed in the New York Times Sunday, reports Fox News.

"Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow" were the last words uttered by the late Apple CEO before his death on October 5.

Mona Jackson, Jobs' sister whom he did not meet until later in life, remembered her brother as idealistic and a hard worker, as well as a romantic who believed love could be found anywhere, according to her eulogy in the New York Times. Simpson wrote the following in her eulogy to her brother:

Steve cultivated whimsy. What other C.E.O. knows the history of English and Chinese tea roses and has a favorite David Austin rose?

Jackson delivered her remarks on October 16 at the very private memorial service for family and friends of the tech innovator at Stanford University, reports ABC News.

Another personal reflection of Steve Jobs' life, his biography by Walter Isaacson, was released last Monday. While official book sales will not be released for a few more days, the book, titled "Steve Jobs," is at the top of the Kindle bestseller list, the Nook bestseller list, and the Apple iBookstore chart, according to the Edmonton Journal.

The biography reveals Jobs' thoughts on his diet, the Android, Bill Gates, and his battle with cancer, among other things, reports the Los Angeles Times.

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