Drug war shakes Los Cabos

The golden beaches of Los Cabos in Mexico’s Baja California were thought to be a million miles away from the drug war hitting border cities such as Ciudad Juarez.

But even this Pacific paradise is not totally immune from the relentless conflict plaguing Mexico.

A series of gun battles shook the town of Cabo San Lucas on the night of Friday Oct. 28 and afternoon of Saturday Oct. 29.

No tourists or Americans were harmed in the fighting — which killed a Mexican marine and an alleged cartel gunmen.

But the news was a slap in the face for tourist officials who have correctly said the resort has been safer than most American cities — and has homes of Hollywood stars and athletes.

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During one of the battles on Saturday afternoon, shoppers had to wait for two hours in a mall, while security forces outside shot at criminals.

In an earlier shoot out on Friday night, some Americans filmed this video.

Over the sound of gunfire, you can hear a man commenting on the situation and assuring others he is taking cover.

“They are going now. I’m ducking. It is about 100 yards away,” he says. “That is AK47s. ---ing something is going on. I’m coming, I’m ducking. Dude, grenades? Holy ---. Good old fashioned gun battle. I’ve got to go inside.” Watch below and see for yourself.