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More Occupy Wall Street arrests


An Occupy Wall Street supporter braves the elements standing in protest while the season's first snow falls over Zuccotti Park in New York, October 29, 2011.



Occupy Wall Street protesters in several U.S. cities were arrested between late Saturday and early Sunday, according to media reports. 

In Denver, Colorado, police in riot gear arrested a number of protesters who were trying to set up tents in a city park, the Associated Press reports. Denver police spokesman Matt Murray told the AP that 15 people had been arrested late on Saturday. Earlier in the day, a group of protesters participating in a large march had tried to make their way up the steps of the state Capitol building, and five were arrested after what the AP called a scuffle with police. Denver police confirmed that Mace and pepper balls were used. 

In Portland, Oregon, meanwhile, around 30 protesters were arrested by police early Sunday after they refused to leave a park in a part of town described as "affluent" by CBS News. According to CBS News, the arrests came "in the shadow of high-rise condos, with residents watching the events from their balconies."

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CNN reports that 38 people were arrested in Austin, Texas. The group had set up a table with food and other items outside city hall, two days after the city issued rules stipulating that food tables be put away between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Police told CNN that the group was asked to leave the area, refused, and was arrested. 

The AP reports that Occupy Wall Street protests in the Northeast had a relatively quiet night "with many just trying to stay warm and dry in a storm that dumped snow throughout the region."