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Baby Nargis from India is number 7 billion

The India chapter of UK-based NGO Plan International named Nargis, the newborn daughter born Monday to Ajay and Vinita Yadav, residents of Dhanaur, Uttar Pradesh, as the world's 7 billionth person, the Times of India reports.

The Yadavs' first baby, Nargis weighed in at 6.6 pounds, the paper said.

The NGO hopes to leverage naming a baby girl the world's 7 billionth resident to draw attention to the problem of sex-selective abortions and the declining sex ratio, the paper quoted Executive Director, Plan India, Bhagyashri Dengle, as saying.

Plan India also identified six other girl children who were born in Mall block of Lucknow. All seven children will now be sponsored by seven women ambassadors for a period of seven years, during which they will engage with the families of the children.

The seven women ambassadors have been identified as Arti Kirloskar, secretary, Plan India board, Abha Narain Lambah, conservation architect, Anoushka Shankar, sitarist, Mallika Sarabhai, dancer and choreographer, Sunita Narain, environmental activist, Gayatri Singh, from local royal family and civil servant Dr Kismet Sagar, the paper said.