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Strippers in North Dakota earn up to $2,000 per night


Strippers in a North Dakota oil boomtown are making up to $2,000 a night.


Justin Sullivan

A small oil boomtown in North Dakota has a new emerging job market in strip clubs, where strippers can early up to $2,000 per night, CNN Money reports.

There are only two strip clubs in Williston, but the dancers are raking in more than doctors some nights, due to the influx of well-paid oil workers in the remote region, the New York Daily News reports. Thousands of men flock to the two strip clubs, Whispers and Heartbreakers, ready to spend large amounts of cash for companionship, CNN reports. Sometimes men hit the clubs four or five days straight per week when working on an oil rig.

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"My best girls would rather dance here than in Vegas, because they make more money here," boasted Melissa Slapnicka, co-owner of the club Whispers, CNN reports. Slapnicka says strippers from Alaska, Germany and the Czech Republic have applied to work at Whispers. She says her tips have jumped from $50 a night to about $200.

According to an exotic dancer, nightly tips in Williston come close to the same amount she once made for an entire week in Las Vegas, Business Insider reports.

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Fortunately for Williston’s strippers, in recent years tons of men have relocated to Williston for its high-paying oil jobs. These men leave their families behind to work long, demanding hours-- sometimes four days on, four days off, 24-hours a day-- and come home to a lonely place, Business Insider reports.

"They're just here for a little company, because they're lonely," one stripper said, CNN reports. "Other places, (men) wait until Friday because it's payday. But here, they don't wait. It's payday everyday."