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South African clothing company pulls "How to get laid" T-shirts


One of the T-shirts highlighted by FeministsSA in the group's request that South African clothing retailer The Foschini Group remove "sexist" shirts from their stores.



JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — A major South African clothing company has pulled T-shirts from its stores after complaints that slogans on the men's shirts were sexist.

The shirts withdrawn by The Foschini Group had slogans including "How to get laid," and "I put the STD in STUD, all I need is U," the South African Press Association reports.

The "How to get laid" T-shirt also listed some options: "borrow your dad's Porsche," "flash a lot of cash," and "lie and tell her you love her."

Kathryn Sakalis, communications manager for The Foschini Group, told the Cape Times newspaper that three T-shirt designs had been withdrawn from stores.

"We’ve got hundreds of Ts with different slogans. Those withdrawn are three we felt crossed the line between humorous and offensive," Sakalis said.

The group FeministsSA had requested the T-shirts be pulled from stores because of their "sexist" slogans, and asked its followers to boycott all Foschini stores until the shirts had been removed.

HIV/AIDS activists and a Christian group also objected to the shirts, saying the slogans supported abuse of women and unsafe sex, the Independent Online reports

Foschini group CEO Doug Murray told the Johannesburg Times that some customers "might find it offensive," while others "think it's tongue-in-cheek."

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