Perry: Obama's birth certificate is real


Rick Perry shares his new idea.


Kayana Szymczak

Gov. Rick Perry reportedly says he has "no doubt" that President Barack Obama's much disputed birth certificate is real, according to the Los Angeles Times

In Sunday's Parade magazine, when asked if Obama's birth certificate was real, Perry responded "I don't know" and that Donald Trump didn't believe it was real, reports New York Magazine. Since that initial statement, his position has evolved from doubting the president's citizenship, to lauding it as a good issue to keep alive, to admitting it was a distraction, to saying he was "just having some fun with Donald Trump," according the magazine.

The Washington Post suggests that Perry's birther comments initially showed his strength and willingness to stand up to the President, but said today that the comments may be hurting him more than helping.

CBS News agrees, reporting that Perry's refusal to answer questions about Obama's birth certificate overshadowed the unveiling of his tax and entitlement reform proposals earlier this week.

In this video, Perry tells the St. Petersburg Times that he was only kidding around and has no doubts that Obama is an American citizen. The paper reports that the governor made the comments in an exclusive Political Connections interview that will air on their local news channel this Sunday. 

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