VIDEO: Rescue workers continue to pull survivors from rubble of Turkey earthquake


Cities in eastern Turkey have been devastated by the earthquake that hit the city over the weekend. (Photo from ABCau video.)

Rescuers are losing hope that they will find many more survivors amidst the rubble and destruction left behind by this weekend's earthquake in Turkey.

The latest information from the Turkish emergency administration indicate more than 430 people are dead. The death toll is expected to continue rising as the rescue operation turns toward a recovery phase. 

And yet, as officials continue to search, a few survivors are being found. A 14-day-old infant was pulled from the rubble on Monday.

Story continues beneath raw video of infant being rescued.


Survivors are being forced to sleep outside in near-freezing temperatures as aftershocks rattle the area and endanger already damaged buildings. Survivors have been pitching in however they can to help rescue workers clear rubble from around trapped survivors.

Aid organizations have setup temporary camps with tents and kitchens in order to provide for the survivors.

Sunday's earthquake has a magnitude of 7.2. Aftershocks have ranged all the way up to 6.0