Firewater is a slang term that some people might use for whisky but if it's fine whisky you're after, make it single malt. And the best single malt whisky comes from a tiny town at the northern end of the Scottish Highlands. That's according to something called Jim Murray's Whisky Bible. The town is on the edge of a rugged, windswept coastline, where it gets pounded by North Sea waves. The North sea accounts for one of the local delicacies: cured herring fish. Another local specialty is single malt whisky and there's plenty of it to pour around. The town's home to the northern-most whisky distillery on the Scottish mainland. So whether you drink your whisky neat, or on the rocks, or not all….take a crack at naming this Scottish town at the edge of the North Sea. The town of Wick is the answer. Jim Murray's Whisky Bible has just crowned the local Old Pulteney "World Whisky of the Year." Lisa Mullins talks with Jim Murray about the single malt champ.

Old Pulteney Distillery (Photo: Martyn Jenkins/Flickr)

Old Pulteney Whiskey (Photo: Martyn Jenkins/Flickr)

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