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Two explosions rattle Nairobi


A Kenyan man receives medical treatment at the Kenyatta national hospital following a grenade attack in Nairobi on October 24, 2011.



Two explosions rattled Nairobi, Kenya on Monday, leaving at least one person dead and 20 injured, Bloomberg reports.

The first explosion occurred at 1:15 a.m., when a grenade was tossed at a "blue-collar bar near downtown Nairobi," according to the Associated Press. 12 people were wounded. The second explosion occurred around 8 p.m. at a bus station, according to Bloomberg, and left one person dead and eight injured.

Kenyan Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere told reporters that a Russian-made F1 grenade was used at the bar, Bloomberg reports, and police suspect a grenade was also used in the second attack.

The attacks came just two days after the U.S. warned American citizens in Kenya of an "imminent threat of terrorist attacks." The warning came after Kenya sent troops into Somalia to pursue Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab militants.

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According to the Associated Press, the U.S. warning implied that Al-Shabaab was planning to retaliate, but authorities in Kenya said Monday it was too soon to name suspects in the blasts. Furthermore, the AP reports, "the small-scale blasts targeted Kenyans rather than foreigners as the U.S. warning had suggested."