There's a $ 100,000 prize at stake in this Geo Quiz — sorry, not for coming up with the correct answer. That's the top prize at this year's world domino championship. We want you to name the city near the eastern coast of the Black Sea where the competition just took place. It's the capital of Abkhazia. Abkhazia's status is not clear cut. It declared its independence from the Republic of Georgia. Russia recognizes it as an independent state but most countries don't see it that way. The answer is Sukhumi, the capital of the disputed territory of Abkhazia. Abkhazia just hosted the world's top players competing in dominoes. It was a big deal for a place that's trying to establish some kind of political legitimacy. Jacob Resneck reports from Sukhumi.

Domino Tournament (Photo:

Abkazia (BBC Graphic)

International Domino Federation President Lucas Guittard of Venezuela (right) says delegates came under intense pressure from Georgia not to hold the tournament in the breakaway republic of Abkhazia. (Photo: Jacob Resneck)

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