Police arrest two drivers in death of Chinese toddler


China's roads are among the world's most dangerous, with traffic laws and safety widely flouted, as almost 70,000 people died in road accidents in 2009, or around 190 fatalities a day, according to police statistics.



Police in China on Sunday formally arrested two drivers suspected of running over a two-year-old child, the Associated Press reports.

The incident, which occurred October 13 in Foshan city, in the southern province of Guandong, was captured on video, and has sparked a national outcry in China. The video shows the child, Yueyue, being run over by two vehicles, and a number of bystanders passing by the child over several minutes as she lay bleeding in the street.

Yueyue died of her injuries on Friday.

According to the AP, police in Foshan concluded their initial investigation on Sunday "and ordered the two men formally arrested, a step that almost always leads to a trial." It is still unclear what charges were being brought against the drivers.

On Friday, one of the people who passed by Yueyue in the street, a man named Chen, told China Daily that it was raining and dark the day of the incident and "I didn't see anything on the street."

According to China Daily, Chen was the 16th person to pass Yueyue by.