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Girls arrested after fight appears on YouTube (VIDEO)


Nida Longoria, left and Veronica Zertuche, right allegedly organized the fight between two teenagers that appeared on YouTube.

Two Florida women were arrested after staging a fist fight between two girls and stood by watching the brawl, after a video of the fight showed up on YouTube, the New York Daily News reports.

The videotaped fight happened in Tampa Bay, where the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office found the YouTube video and tracked down the involved parties, the Tampa Bay Fox affiliate reports. The video shows two adult women standing feet from the brawling girls and appearing to make no effort to stop the fight.

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"They had been planning on fighting. Their parents learned that these issues had been occurring so they helped engage this fight. They actually brought them to the scene," said sheriff's spokesman Larry McKinnon, Fox reports.

The police were able to identify the two women, Nida Longoria, 26, and Veronica Zertuche, 28, as well as the girls fighting, ages 15 and 11, the Daily Mail reports.

Longoria and Zertuche were charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Longoria’s sister and Zertuche’s daughter were identified as the young girls fighting, the Daily News reports. The girls were charged with fighting in a public place.

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"Detectives were able to determine that this was a mother and an adult sister encouraging both of their smaller children to fight," McKinnon said, Fox reports.

Cops said the two families had been feuding for awhile and the grown women agreed to let the youngsters fight it out, the Daily News reports.

Teens arrested after fight ends up on YouTube: