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UK teenagers deported from Kenya: VIDEO


Two UK teenagers were arrested in Kenya and deported back to Wales.



Two teenagers from Wales, who were arrested by Kenyan anti-terror police, were deported back to the United Kingdom, the BBC reports.

Arrested near the Kenyan border with Somalia, the 18-year-olds were suspected of having links to Somali militants, the BBC reports. They have not been charged, although were questioned by the anti-terrorism unit in Kenya.

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When they return to the UK they are both expected to be closely questioned by the South Wales Police, The Independent reports. South Wales Police said it was trying to establish the circumstances of the detention and was also in contact with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the British High Commission in Nairobi, BBC reports.

The father of Mohamed Mohamed, one of the young men arrested, alerted police when he found out and flew to Kenya to his son, the BBC reports. As of right now, it is understood that Mohamed and Iqbal Shahzad were not charged by the Kenyan authorities.

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Mohamed and Shahzad went missing from their homes in Cardiff, South Wales, about a week ago, The Independent reports. Mohamed’s father, Abdirhman Haji Abdallah, flew to Kenya afraid his son ran away to join the al Shabab. Mohamed is of Somali descent; Shahzad of Pakistani descent.

"These persons are being detained under Kenyan law and the force is liaising with local law enforcement to establish the circumstances of their detention,” said Charles Owino, spokesman for the Kenyan police, BBC reports.


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