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Korean City Hosts UN Conference On Desertification

An ambitious plan to plant trees shows up in the Geo Quiz this time.

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Forestry officials from South Korea, China and Mongolia shook hands on a $ 2.5 million deal on Tuesday. It calls for planting millions of trees along the border areas of China and Mongolia. It is hoped the trees will help combat a growing problem.

Every spring, yellow dust storms blow across China all the way to the Korean peninsula. The dust clouds that originate over the Gobi Desert cause respiratory health problems.

To tackle the issue, experts from more than 80 counties are attending a UN meeting this week in a South Korean city.

They say the world's deserts are spreading at an alarming rate. So the topic is: How to Combat Desertification.

And the venue for this strategy session? That's the South Korean city we want you to name.

This industrial city looks out on the East Sea as Koreans call it. It's better known as the Sea of Japan.

This city is home to one of South Korea's Naval bases.

So can you name the city where those forestry officials from Korea, China and Mongolia shook hands?

The answer is Changwon, the capital of Gyeongsangnam-do Province in South Korea.

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    Changwon (Photo: Edward Seongho Jeon/Wiki Commons)

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    Korea Forest Service (KFS) Minister Lee Don-koo, center, shakes hands with China’s Vice Minister of the State Forestry Administration Yin Hong, left, and Mongolia’s Minister of Environment and Tourism Gansukh Luimed after signing a memorandum of understan