Republicans will hold their next debate in Las Vegas, Nevada on Tuesday. Maggie Haberman, senior political writer for Politico thinks this is a make or break moment for Rick Perry. "If Perry has a bad performance," Haberman said, "it'll be virtually impossible for him to come back." Herman Cain's performance will also be closely watched as he is running very high right in the polls now. If Perry falters, could Cain be a valid challenger to Romney? In response to the GOP's debate, Democrats began their Project New West summit on Sunday, also in Vegas. The west is going to be very important area come elections next November, with Hispanic and independent voters being a major piece. Also, new and existing home sales will be released this week. Charlie Herman, economics and business editor for The Takeaway and WNYC Radio, talks about what those figures, as well as earnings reports from big corporations and banks, mean for the economy.