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Photos: #OccupyWallstreet Spreads Throughout America


"Occupy Wall Street" demonstrators occupy a park near Wall Street in New York. Oct. 3, 2011.



Update: 10/14/11 @ 9:50 a.m. :

Despite the threat that the "Occupy Wall Street" camp in Zuccotti Park would be removed, the "cleanup" was called off Friday morning by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The news came as a victory for activists determined to stay and continue protesting.

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It's been nearly a month since the start of the "Occupy Wall Street" protests in New York City. Now the movement has spread across the US.  An unofficial map put together by Al Jazeera shows where "occupations" have taken place, or are being planned, throughout the United States:

The future of the Occupy movement is unclear. Will it fizzle? Will it gain traction?  Here are some up-to-date images from protests around the country.