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Blackberry jokes hit the Web


British singer Jessie J attends the launch of BBM Music and the Blackberry 7 Smartphone Collection on September 20, 2011 in London, United Kingdom. Millions of Blackberry users around the world are facing a third day of service outages, with Blackberry down again as of October 12, 2011. There are new reports of service disruptions in the United States and Canada. The smartphone's maker, Research in Motion (RIM), has blamed a "core switch failure."


Ian Gavan/Blackberry

Warning: If you’re a Blackberry user, you probably won’t think this is funny.  Like many of your thoughts on the Onion’s spoof of Steve Jobs’ death, this might be “too soon.”

But for the rest of us who haven’t been experiencing cell phone outages for three days, hilarious videos and tweets have been pouring in from around the world. The posts expertly mock the company and the users who, let's face it, have probably spent the last few days wondering what exactly to do with their hands during awkward social situations.

It is, ladies and gentlemen, schadenfreude at its finest.

DISCUSSION: Share your best Blackberry jokes in the comments section below. We know you've got some.

But fortunately for users, Blackberry's service has been restored, though service in the U.S. and Canada still remains slow, GlobalPost reported. Research in Motion (RIM), Blackberry’s manufacturer, had blamed the problems on a “core switch failure within RIM’s infrastructure.”

Scroll below to see a few of GlobalPost's favorite jabs at Blackberry.

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Blackberry users have been tweeting their frustrations directly at @BlackBerry since the outage began — from their computer, of course.  The hashtag #BBJokes has also been trending in a few countries worldwide, with people sending in their favorite Blackberry outage jokes. 



#Skynet is assuming control of global communications starting with @BlackBerry’s servers.


By far the worst part of this #blackberry outage is that I have to admit I have a Blackberry.


Pretty respectful of Blackberry to have a two day silence in memory of Steve Jobs.


What did the Blackberry user say to the other Blackberry user? Nothing. #BBJokes


Statistically, 10 out of 10 Blackberry users wont get this joke. #BBJokes


Someone stole my blackberry yesterday. It has since been returned #BBjokes


When is a smart phone just a phone? ……., when it’s a blackberry #BBJokes


Dear Blackberry, do you know what the #iPhone said to the #Blackberry? … “iWork”

And though this video is actually an ad for Blackberry, it does seem rather funny when put into the context of the recent Blackberry service outage.

DISCUSSION: Share your best Blackberry jokes in the comments section below. We know you've got some.