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Uncertain Future for Asian Island Nation


Island in the Maldives (Photo: Patrick Verdier/Wiki Commons)

"What's up with the Seven Seas?" we ask for the Geo Quiz, surely there are more than seven.

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Some geographers say the phrase refers to the seven largest bodies of water: The Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Southern Oceans.

Then there's the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

But forget about seven seas. The International Hydrographic Organization says there are more than 100 of them.

For now, we'll settle for the name of the sea you'd be facing if you were standing on the Maldive Islands, looking east.

The answer is the Laccadive Sea which separates the Maldive Islands from southern India and Sri Lanka.

The Maldives are only about five feet above sea level, so there's big concern the islands' days ware will become inundated as sea levels rise in the coming century.

Marco Werman talks with documentary filmmaker John Bowermaster in the Maldives.