Turkish newspaper stirs controversy


A screenshot of the Haberturk's controversial front page from the Globe and Mail.


The Globe and Mail

A Turkish newspaper is stirring up some controversy after publishing a photo of a dead woman, naked and bleeding with stab wounds, on the front page, Today’s Zaman reports.

Last Friday the Habertürk led with the uncensored photo and story of a woman who was stabbed in the back by her husband, displaying the blood and open wound. The editor-in-chief of the Habertürk defended his paper’s decision, saying it was “an attempt to highlight the hypocrisy of the general public, which he said had been desensitized toward violence against women,” Today’s Zaman reports.

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The photograph caused a backlash against the paper, outraging readers, women’s groups and other members of the media. Conservative protesters were in front of the Habertürk’s office the next day, calling for court action against the “obscenity” and “pornography,” The Globe and Mail reports.

Two days after the front page hit the stands the press was still talking about Habertürk’s move printing the photo, most criticizing, but some complimenting the daily.

“I would have used that image even if it was my own mother,” said Habertürk’s Editor-in-Chief Faith Altay in response to the outrage, Today’s Zaman reports.

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