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Pot brownies at funeral send 3 to hospital


Pot brownies sent three elderly people to the emergency room in Southern California.


Justin Sullivan

Pot-laced brownies at a funeral reception didn’t send three people in Southern California to the closest fast food joint-- it sent them to the emergency room instead, the Associated Press reports.

Two 71-year-old women and an 82-year-old man munched on brownies at a friend’s memorial service, without knowing they were laced with marijuana. They complained of nausea, dizziness and not being able to standing without help before being rushed to a local emergency room, Huntington Beach police said, the AP reports.

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Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian contacted the Huntington Beach Police Department after the three patients were admitted, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

"The guy who passed away used to eat marijuana brownies," said Lt. Russell Reinhart, the San Jose Mercury News reports. "Someone sent them out because he used to eat them, but no one knew what was in them, and they were sitting on a table and people were snacking on them and three people got sick."

The tray of special sweets were put out in memory of their friend, who used to eat pot brownies. There was no announcement that the brownies were put out, police said, the ABC news reports.

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Huntington Beach doesn’t permit licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in the city limits, AP reports.