Occupy Wall Street heads Down Under

The call to agitate worldwide for social and economic inequality and an end to corporate greed has reached Wall Street, New York's geographic polar opposite — Queen Street, Brisbane.

(Actually, the "geographical antipodal point" of Wall Street is somewhere in the ocean just off southern Western Australia, but close enough)

Unfortunately Brisbanites liked the idea so much they set up two groups, confusing any locals likely to be interested in joining a day of protest.

The rival Brisbane movements have launched their own web and social media sites and set different dates for protest, according to the Brisbane Times.

The result? Two days of protest this weekend instead of just one.

Kate Haskett, of occupybrisbane.com, said their faction had organised activities at Post Office Square this Saturday as part of a global day of protest taking in 1270 cities across the world.

Ms Haskett said that the occupybrisbane.org team would follow up the event with an organisational meeting at Queens Park opposite Treasury Casino on Sunday.

Nothing like a weekend-long day of action.